Feature Disco Lights





The Hexaled disco light is a great disco light to cover a large area from the floor to the roof in a single light. On its own or with a

laser and some fog it is sure to turn party into that night club feel in the flick of a switch. Please have a look at the following link

to see it in action. http://youtu.be/-5GqIYb18KM?t=6s


LED Ball

The LED Ball is one of our recent additions to the range of disco lights that we have. The amazing light can be hung or sat

and gives off a radiating light beam show. This light can give you the classic mirror ball effect with a twist. Have

a look at the following  link to see it in action. http://youtu.be/oRelW6vkB5s?t=7s


Revo 4

The Revo 4 is a marvel to to have. It is great to give you that illuminated dance floor effect with out the cost or hassle bringing in

a large and expensive floor in. The light is best suited to be hung high near or over the dance area. Switch it on and away it goes.

You can get a great effect with or with a fog machine. Follow the link to see this in action. http://youtu.be/lhy9Wl22Gs8?t=4s